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Education Solutions Wireless Communications

Education Solutions

For Today's Education Institutions and Campuses,
We Know Wireless Inside and Out

Our wireless solutions are bringing faculty, students, and administrators up to speed.

Two-Way Radios

Maintaining order and ensuring student safety are priorities for any school. Whether monitoring assemblies, sporting events, or the commotion of lunchtime in the cafeteria, instant communication helps keep things running smoothly. And, it's also an effective way to increase maintenance staff productivity, direct busing activities and bolster school security.

Recommended for:

  • PrincipalsTwo-Way Radios
  • Teachers
  • Nurses
  • Custodians
  • Maintenance
  • Secretaries
  • Security
  • Crossing Guards
  • Coaching Staff
  • Bus Duty Officers
  • Special Events Staff
  • Administrators
  • Playground Supervisors
  • Cafeteria/Hall Monitors

Keep your staff connected and efficiency at the highest level. Everyone benefits from Motorola two-way radios.

» Learn more about Motorola two-way radios.

MOTOTRBO™ Strengthens Security for Campuses.


You know the challenges. You face rapidly escalating costs that result in tighter budgets, requiring you to do more with less. Ensuring safety and security has never been more important - leading to a growing focus on incident prevention. Managing employees and students on the move isn't easy either. Clear communication is essential. MOTOTRBO offers enhanced communication performance that can strengthen both security and productivity.

Powered by advanced Motorola technology, the MOTOTRBO Professional Digital Two-Way Radio System is ready to help you respond to those challenges with a remarkably cost-effective solution.

» Learn more about Motorola's MOTOTRBO Digital Two-Way Radio System

Motorola Accessories

Motorola Original

Only Motorola Original Products are performance-matched to guarantee the same high standards of quality that you enjoy with your Motorola two-way radio. When you see the Motorola Original logo on the products, you know the products are built and tested to meet the highest standards.

  • Audio Solutions
  • Carry Solutions
  • Power Solutions
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Call Boxes

Call Boxes help provide additional security without the extra personnel.

Expand Safety and Security
Call Boxes Commitment to employee and student well-being can be addressed by placing Call Boxes on campuses and in company parking lots.

Just opening the Call Box door or pressing the button on models without a door will enable instant, reliable and effortless notification (ID and location) to one individual or to a team of security and/or emergency personnel. And automatic audible instructions help guide users...step-by-step. Crystal-clear, two-way voice or voice and visual communication enables responding personnel to quickly assess the user's needs.

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